Receiving SMS or calls

In our service, you can receive and process SMS messages and calls from subscribers to federal numbers. Thus, you can establish feedback with your customers via SMS. Numbers for receiving messages can be generally free, dedicated virtual numbers. And using SIM-cards under the SIM-hosting service.

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Methods of obtaining:

You can receive incoming SMS messages or calls from subscribers in the following ways::
Replies to send SMS messages (free).
After at least one message is sent to a certain subscriber, all his subsequent reply SMS messages are sent to the account of the Client. Who last sent him an SMS message through our service. To be able to reply to a sent message, it is necessary to indicate any of our federal numbers in the text of the message when sending, then it will be possible to reply to it. Receiving a response from a subscriber to our common free numbers is possible only within two weeks after the last SMS message was sent to this subscriber from our service.

Specify a prefix (free) :

To receive incoming SMS-messages from subscribers without a previously sent message from the site, you can use a special prefix at the beginning of the message – the Client’s login, colon, and space, for example, “login:”.

Using a dedicated number (paid) :

It is also possible to purchase a dedicated virtual number for receiving SMS-messages in the + 7977000xxxx format or another number through the SIM-card hosting service in accordance with the tariffs indicated on the ” Tariffs ” page. All incoming SMS messages from subscribers to such a dedicated number are assigned to the Client who owns this number.

Receiving incoming SMS to your phone (free) :

To receive reply SMS messages directly to your phone number, you must indicate it in the text of messages sent through our service, then subscribers will be able to select it when sending and send SMS messages to it. In addition, you can configure the forwarding of incoming messages to our number to the phone specified in the settings in your personal account.

Receiving incoming calls from subscribers:

In addition to SMS messages, it is also possible to receive calls from subscribers, which in the system look like ordinary incoming messages with the text [CALL] . Each call after reading the caller’s number will be dropped immediately and will not consume subscribers’ funds, unlike SMS. Receiving incoming calls is possible only to dedicated premium numbers.

To receive SMS messages, you can use dedicated paid numbers or our common free numbers: All incoming messages or calls from subscribers to the numbers of our service or allocated to the Client can be seen in the personal account in the item “Incoming SMS” or set up their forwarding to e-mail or to the Client’s server via HTTP or SMPP protocols.

You can go to to receive free sms online

+17079325323phone verification in USA (SMS, calls)

+13347586745recibir sms online from USA ( SMS)

+18479865443 − getsmscode from USA (SMS, calls)
+18033365434 − real phone number generator (SMS, calls)
447624803018 − England (SMS)
5555 − For subscribers of Altel (Kazakhstan)
77074909644 − Tele2 Kazakhstan (SMS, calls)
77079517777 − Tele2 Казахстан (SMS, звонки)
79037676877 − Beeline Moscow (virtual number, SMS)
79059457777 − Beeline Novosibirsk (SMS, calls)
79138977777 − MTS Novosibirsk (SMS)
79163377737 − MTS Moscow (SMS, calls)
79168877777 − MTS Moscow (SMS, calls)
79236409000 − Megafon Novosibirsk (SMS, calls)
79513912777 − Tele2 Novosibirsk (SMS, calls)
79684477777 − Beeline Moscow (SMS, calls)

Terms and conditions of use:

Incoming messages to our general free numbers or paid virtual numbers can be received only from subscribers, it will not be possible to receive incoming messages to these numbers from various Internet services and payment systems.

When using hosting a SIM card, incoming messages can be received from any sender’s names, including letters from various Internet services. But if the SIM card is issued to our company. Then letter names are opened only upon request after checking each name. All restrictions on receiving messages are removed on the customer’s SIM card.

It is forbidden to use incoming numbers to distribute drugs, smoking mixtures, and other goods. And services prohibited by law. Connection of numbers and hosting of SIM cards for receiving incoming messages are carried out. After the provision of statutory documents (for legal entities or individual entrepreneurs) or a scanned copy of the passport (for individuals). Customer SIM cards are connected after providing a scanned copy of the SIM card holder’s passport.

In case of violation of the rules, the allocated number will be disconnected, and the money charged for connection will not be returned. All numbers are paid to the operator for the remaining month, so the money is non-refundable. The service of a dedicated number (virtual or hosting of a SIM card) is also paid until the end of the month. It is possible to replace a SIM card without a refund in agreement with the company. In addition, the operator can set filters on incoming messages and impose a penalty for prohibited use of the number.

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