Business SMS – 5 Reasons This Marketing Tool Will Put More Money Into Your Bank Account

Five years ago, I hadn’t even heard of corporate text messages. I only found it when one day a friend told me about this really simple tool that I could use to market my business more effectively. When I visited the website promoting this online SMS service, I noticed that I could register for free and try it out without any risk. The advantages for me in terms of saving time and increasing profits were significant. I found the service so easy to use that I couldn’t do without this extraordinary little tool.

  1. Online text messages seem to offer something to IT fans who enjoy using software tools, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the services are mostly web-based. If you can access the Internet and move your mouse, you can easily use this service. This is very important because, like most people, I don’t have to waste time understanding complicated marketing tools. Just give me something that I can use in a few minutes.
  2. With Business SMS, you can type a message of up to 160 characters on the keyboard and send it to cell phones of hundreds or thousands of customers, followers, club members, or even healthcare patients in seconds. As long as the sender has the names and cell phone numbers of his customers, etc., he can send a message to advertise his product or service.
  3. A great feature of corporate SMS is that the system enters the names of the recipients before sending messages so that each text message arrives personalized. This is extremely important because companies always get a better answer when they speak to someone, such as their name.
  4. One of the main reasons why many marketing methods are not profitable is that the cost per customer acquisition is too high. For this reason, corporate SMS is so superior that each text message costs only a few cents and there are no monthly contracts, obligations or administrative costs. Just pay pennies for every message you send.
  5. Online SMS also provides excellent internal features that allow a company, club, or organization to create a list of names and cell phone numbers of people interested in a particular product or service. Speaking of which, online SMS is authorization marketing, you definitely don’t spam people with unwanted text messages. Lead generation is important for all companies, as generating new inquiries is the lifeblood of their company and especially important for those who do not have the habit of regularly collecting contact details. I am referring to the cell phone numbers not only of customers, but also of potential new customers.

While corporate SMS has the disadvantage that each message is limited to 160 characters, it’s undoubtedly one of the easiest, cheapest, and fastest ways to manage promotions for any business. Even clubs and nonprofits find it a great way to communicate with their members and followers in minutes, with important news and information. We will surely see that more and more entrepreneurs are using this extraordinary little tool, especially when they have to cut marketing costs in this difficult economic environment.

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